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Thursday, March 21, 2013

On the Road again

Right now I am in Tepic, in the Mexican state of Nayarit. I and my friend and fellow missionary Ramon are visiting a pastor who is in charge of overseeing a minstry which trains native pastors and missionaries. His ministry is supported by Koenis ministries (the ministry I am uner in San Carlos) The reason for this trip is to be able have someone form Koenis Ministries see firsthand what he is doing down here. The other reason for my coming on this trip is to get video footage of is ministry. My hope is to use this footage, along with other footage which I have collected over my time here in Mexico, and to put together a video that will inform people of the current state of the Mexican church, reveal spesific prayer needs and encourage people in supporting the Mexican church.
Pleas pray for saftey for Ramon and I as we travle with Pastor Waldo over the next few days. Pray that the Lord would lead us each day and that we would be intune with the Holy Spirit. Please pray that we will be an encouragement to the brothers and sisters here and that I would be able to get the footage I need. Pray also that none of my equippment gets dammage or stolen.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scout Repot

                Hey Everyone! The trip into the mountains was a success! We were able to map and scout out several areas that we had never been to before. A number of the communities were a considerable distance off the mapped road system. The roads leading to them were rough. One of the larger towns  we visited was 30 miles off of the mapped road system. The road its self was extremely rough, large bolders, lose rock, washouts and steep climbing up steep hillsides was the norm. Due to the rough terrain, any future attempts to show the film in this village will probably be done with ATVs rather than risking a vehicle.
We were able to meet several Christian brothers and sisters in various communities. Whenever we met a brother or sister, we would stop and visit them for a while. These visits are very encouraging as the Christian community in this part of the country is extremely small and often, they can feel forgotten by the rest of the Church. Being able to stop in and visit these people is proof to them that they are not alone and are not forgotten. Although many of the villages have only one or two Christians, in one village  we were excited to discover a pastor by the name of Juan. There were twelve members in his congregation. Besides working in his own area, he travels to many of the surrounding communities, including the towns and villages that we visited last month. As we sat and visited with him and his family he told us of even more communities that were in need of the Gospel but could only be reached by foot.
Although Spanish is the official language in Mexico, a number of these native villages are so far off of the beaten trail that some of them only speak their native language. On top of the language barrier, the natives are often closed to outsiders. Although Pastor Juan speaks very little of the native language, he is a member of the local tribe which means that he will be much better received than any one coming in from North America, or even other parts of Mexico. Finding him there was a huge blessing and encouragement.
Please pray for Pastor Juan as he pastors his small congregation and also as he reaches out to the surrounding communities. Pray for encouragement for him and that God would prepare hearts ahead of him to hear and to receive the truth that he brings. Pray that the Lord would raise up other Christian leaders in the Allimos region so that the Gospel would be clearly preached to people living there.
Although we were not able to do any evangelism work, we did hand out several hundred Bibles to the people that we met on the way. In many cases, simply having the Word of God available in their hands transforms lives. One story comes to mind where an illiterate woman fasted and prayed and at the end of her fast God had given her the ability to read her Bible. Please pray that the people who received those Bible would read and understand them and that they would respond to the Gospel Message. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quick Update.

It has been a busy week doing a number of different odds and end, including working on another video for a ministry that we are working alongside, helping out at a church dinner and another wedding.
Today we are leaving on another trip into the mountains. This trip was more or less put together as a last minute deal, filling up a few spare days we had before the next team comes in. We won't be showing the Jesus film this time but are scouting out an area that we know we can access with quads and dirt bikes but aren't sure we can get into with vehicles. If everything goes well, next fall a followup trip will be made into this area to show the film. Pleas pray for the safety of the team and God would lead and direct our path each day.
Thank you for your prayers and support
God Bless
-Jonathan Cargill